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Whether you want to explore the essentials of drawing, design a website for your business, master your DSLR camera or discover something new, our non-credit courses are immersive and focused, so they’re perfect for curious – but busy – people like you.

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Courses, workshops, and special events

Explore the many opportunities to grow creatively and to have fun. Our GETCreative courses are targeted to meet the interests of many—from teens to adults. Browse the catalog or the upcoming classes we have scheduled. Are you looking for something specific that you don’t see? JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.

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Recreational Learning

You like to learn new things and have fun while doing it. Our courses are designed to meet these requirements and provide you with a quality learning experience. You can learn from professionals, and in many cases, the same faculty that teach our degree programs. Our courses are designed to blend your social life with your creative side.

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College Bound

College Bound is an 11-week experience for high school juniors and seniors to connect with others that share your interests while taking college level courses designed to help you grow, discover yourself, and create something awesome. Take the Culinary Track or the Creative Arts Track for design, media and fashion interests - all classes are relevant, practical and hands-on. Choose your course, then pick your location!

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Professional Training

Our professional training courses are focused on the skills and the knowledge that may assist you in advancement within your industry. These courses are taught by some of the professionals in your fields with the intent to help prepare you to take your career to the next level. In particular take a look at courses in the Area of Web, Social & Marketing as well as some of our more advanced courses.

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Special Events

There are currently no special events scheduled for this location. Please check back later.

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Area of Interest

Art Foundations

Our foundation art classes can help you master the fundamentals so that you can better capture and convey your ideas. From drawing the human form to fun trips to the museum to sketch what you see, the skills you can learn here can help you grow and evolve as an artist.

Creative Writing

You express yourself through words. Your favorite people do, too. Take your writing to the next level by taking our Creative Writing Workshop, trying your hand at poetry, or exploring how to self-publish your work.


Great design drives innovative products, beautiful interiors, and world-class entertainment. Working alongside many faculty with field experience, begin your journey as a maker and designer in our various design classes.


Want to graduate from taking photos on your smartphone to using your digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera? We have a class for that. Explore our range of digital photography classes, including Adobe Lightroom and organizing your media for easy access.

Recording Arts

There’s an art and science to recording music. So what happens before songs from your favorite artists reach your ear buds and headphones? Go behind the scenes in our studios to find out and get your hands on the technology that makes it all happen.

Software for Designers

Software has revolutionized the creative process in design, media arts, and fashion, and you need to know your way around the most popular software packages. These classes are ideal for beginners or people who need to upgrade their skills in a focused, supportive setting.

Textiles, Fashion & Jewelry

Fashion is wearable art. It’s how we express our mood and individuality, while accessories pump up the volume. Refine your style as you craft jewelry and create garments.

Web, Social & Marketing

It’s one thing to be creative. It’s another thing to get your work in front of the public. These classes are designed to help you launch or expand your business with strong branding, an online portfolio, social media, and more.

The Art Institutes is a system of over 50 schools throughout North America offering various degree programs in design, media arts, fashion, and culinary. Noncredit courses are now offered in some locations in an effort to deliver courses that are shorter and more focused than our degree programs but with the same emphasis on quality and outcomes, allowing learners from teens to adults to explore the creative arts with the opportunity to grow personally or professionally. Courses, technology, and scheduling options vary by school and are subject to change.

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About The Miami International University of Art & Design

For nearly fifty years, students have chosen Miami International University of Art & Design to prepare them for creative careers. The school opened in 1965 as The International Fine Arts College, offering courses in Fashion Merchandising. Over the next 23 years, the school developed an international reputation for training fashion students. These courses are shorter and more focused than our degree programs, are non-credit bearing, and do not transfer into any degree program offered.

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Miami International University of Art & Design is the perfect venue to host your employees, colleagues, clients, or friends. In addition to classrooms and labs, our facilities include studio, lecture, and gallery space. We can accommodate everything from professional networking events to game-changing, team-building activities.

Combined with a custom activity, a core GETCreative course such as Photography or Paint with Peers, or possibly a film debut, your group will be pleased with the facilities and personalized accommodations we can make. Contact us using the form below or call directly to set a date for your private event today. Contact us using the form below or call directly to set a date for your private event today.

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